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enlarge Geltech Curved Thai Pads

Geltech Curved Thai Pads


  • Genuine leather
  • 3" of soft padding for pad-sparring
  • 16" Tall x 7.5" Wide x 3.5 Thick"
  • Each pad weighs in at 3 lbs

These Curved Thai Pads are ingenious. The additional 3" of soft padding on the edge gives the trainer the freedom to throw punches back at the striker... essentially allowing these Curved Thai Pads to double as sparring gloves. Thanks to this innovation from Ring to Cage, there's no more pad-sparring where the trainer has to use the edge of the Thai pad to hit back at the striker. Throughout the entire set of pads, there are no sharp or abrasive edges, making this a very user-friendly set of quality Thai pads.

Aside from the clever addition to this Thai pad, the set is made of genuine leather and weighs in at a surprisingly light 3.0 lbs! The forearm area features extra padding for more comfort and a better fit, and the two straps secure everything.

Geltech Curved Thai Pads

Geltech Curved Thai Pads
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This product is not currently available for purchase.
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