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enlarge Knee and Elbow Strike Bag

Knee and Elbow Strike Bag


  • Perfect for practicing knee and elbow strikes
  • Can be used when laid flat, held by a training partner or even hung on a wall
  • Made of durable canvas and filled with impact absorbing foam
  • Reinforced stitching at the seams
  • 12" x 22" and 8" thick

The Knee and Elbow Strike Bag is a unique and versatile piece of equipment. It is half heavy bag and half strike bag. It will enable you to practice your knee and elbow strikes effectively and improve their speed, accuracy and power. This bag is tough, it is made from the same material as heavy bags and has been designed to be used in almost any situation. you can lay it on a bench, hang it on a wall or even have it held by a trainer. The thick nylon webbed handles make it easy. The bag is constructed from heavyweight canvas and has been filled with multiple layers of high density impact absorbing foam padding. The bag measures 12" x 22" and is 8" thick. This bag will help you improve the overall effectiveness of your knee and elbow strikes, giving you an edge in the ring.

Knee and Elbow Strike Bag

Knee and Elbow Strike Bag
On Sale: $49.99 ea.
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Product Wall

Is this bag any good? Is it worth the $30 pricetag? Yes. This is a high quality training tool at a cheap price If you are prepared to spend some time initially just getting it broken in (and figure out how to not get hit by the rings), you will be very happy with it. Keep in mind though, that it requires two people for most uses, and might not make much sense for training alone in your basement. But if you have a partner then this is a great bag.
by: clinerd
12/6/2009 4:53:53 AM
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