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enlarge Kutting Weight Sweat Training Shirt

Kutting Weight Sweat Training Shirt


  • Perfect for boxers, wrestlers, MMA fighters, and fitness enthusiasts
  • 1.7mm neoprene construction
  • Long sleeve design
  • Barbed design with KW logo
  • Great for losing water weight

The perfect shirt for combining rash guard protection with sauna suit weight loss technology. The Kutting Weight Sweat Shirt is designed to retain the body's heat and induce sweating so as to drop unwanted water weight.

The elastic neoprene construction is 1.7mm thick and very comfortable against the skin. The long sleeves help protect against mat burn and can be worn under normal street clothes.

Combine this shirt with Kutting Weight's other valuable pieces of equipment.

Kutting Weight Sweat Training Shirt

Kutting Weight Sweat Training Shirt
$59.99 each
In Stock - available to ship today


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I am currently deployed in the Middle East and have made a resolution to completely transform my body during this deployment. I have been following a very strict diet and weight training regimen for the last 4 months, I have seen a drastic strength increase in all aspects of my workout and pretty impressive growth in muscle mass. However, I had hit a wall when it came to burning fat and showing the definition I was looking for. My commander is an avid user of Kutting Weight products and due to his history as a former special forces troop, I figured I would take up his advice. I have been using this shirt for two weeks (it took about a month to make it out to me, but delayed shipments are quite common when you're 10 miles south of the middle of nowhere). In this very short time I have lost 6 lbs of fat and am finally seeing all the definition I was looking for. I recommend you use a heart rate monitor when using this shirt and constantly check your heart rate, as the shirt has gotten me up to 187 during my 2 mile runs (max hr for my age is supposed to be 188). I usually do intervals while running now, as I try to avoid being at this hr longer than 5 minutes at a time. I don not recommend using the shirt during heavy lifting as your heart will feel as it is about to rip through your chest. Ensure you drink lots of water on the days you will be using this shirt (I use mine 4 days a week). Do not expect to be able to perform as you usually do when you first use the shirt as it will drain your energy almost immediately and you will be very surprised as to how quickly you feel drained. I usually wear a tshirt under my kutting weight shirt to avoid any difficulties in removal. You will sweat A LOT!!! I like running outdoors, but if you use a treadmill or anything else, be ready to have to clean up after yourself. You will lose around 6lbs after every use, but since most of that is water weight, you will gain it back by the next day. However, depending on your muscle composition, you will also be burning fat along with that. I am extremely happy with this shirt and the results I have gotten. I have finally broken through my wall and am looking forward to going home in three months and being able to see the look on my wife's face when she sees the results of all my hard work.
by: anonymous
9/24/2011 4:25:24 PM
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Kutting Weight Sweat Training Shirt Sizing Chart

Kutting Weight Shirt Sizing Chart


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