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enlarge Manto "X" White BJJ Gi

Manto "X" White BJJ Gi


  • 450 gsm pearl weave jacket
  • Light ripstop pants
  • Unique purple/white color scheme
  • High quality embroidery that can't rip or fade like patches

Manto brings another great Gi to the table. Using only top notch embroideries, the shoulder graphics look impeccable and sharp. No lapel patches leave this unique purple & white kimono looking clean. Jacket strength is not an issue thanks to the durable single weave fabric. The pants are made from a very comfortable and lightweight ripstop along with a rope drawstring and added loops.

These Gis have a roomy fit, but a shrinkage rate of 3 - 5% after a warm wash. To get maximum shrinkage, wash in hot. To keep the original fit, wash in cold.

Manto "X" White BJJ Gi

Manto "X" White BJJ Gi
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Manto "X" White BJJ Gi Sizing Chart

A15'3" - 5'7"130-160 lbs
A25'7" - 5'11"160-180 lbs
A35'11" - 6'3"180-215 lbs
A46'2" - 6'5"215-250 lbs
A56'3" - 6'8"245-290 lbs


Size: A0
Ships Immediately - 8 On Hand 
Size: A2
Ships Immediately - 2 On Hand 
Size: A3
Ships Immediately - 27 On Hand 
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