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enlarge KARPAL eX TAT2 mk II Souls Pro MMA Gloves

KARPAL eX TAT2 mk II Souls Pro MMA Gloves


  • Advanced TAT2 leather construction
  • BOA-TITE(tm) dual independent strap for secure fit
  • Redesigned and improved 3-layer foam protection
  • Extra soft inside lining
  • Stitched with reinforced nylon
  • 4 oz. weight

Plain and simple, 4 oz. gloves don't get much better than this. The striking surface is constructed from the strongest genuine leather available, yet the gloves are easier to break in thanks to the updated and superbly detailed TAT2 surface. Mixed Martial Arts subjects leather to an extraordinary amount of sweat and often blood. With this new and improved leather, your gloves will be far less vulnerable to the visible wear and tear that blood/sweat used to cause. Further, the improved TAT2 leather is exceptionally resilient to scratches and scuffs, so the leather and detailing stays looking fresh and strong.

The 3-layer foam padding is designed to give a softer feel on the outside while the deeper layers offer more solid protection for the important areas of impact. The comfort is on par with rest of the glove, offering a very smooth lining throughout. PunchTown didn't miss even the slightest details on the KARPAL ex TAT2... The wrist's label is now physically printed into the leather strap, instead of a stitched on label that's susceptible to getting caught up during training. Also, the gloves feature reinforced nylon stitching. You'll be hard-pressed to find a sharper looking pair of gloves.

KARPAL eX TAT2 mk II Souls Pro MMA Gloves

KARPAL eX TAT2 mk II Souls Pro MMA Gloves
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This product is not currently available for purchase.
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