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enlarge Revgear Defender Shin Guards

Revgear Defender Shin Guards


  • 2 layers of EVA high performance foam padding
  • 5 mm anti shock gel material along the front center line
  • Adjustable straps secured in reverse directions
  • Ergonomic design

Among the highest performing shin guards on the market. The Defender model is a mixture of high density foam padding with strategically placed anti shock gel over the major impact zones.

Adjustable rear straps that secure in reverse direction ensure a consistent fit. The straps are also padded for added comfort and protection against the back of the leg. Contoured design and leather exterior make it easy to see why these guards are considered top tier protection for fighters.

Revgear Defender Shin Guards

Revgear Defender Shin Guards
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Revgear Defender Shin Guards Sizing Chart

Revgear Shin Guard Sizing Chart

Size Shin length, inches Shin length, cm Instep, inches Instep, cm
S 12.5 32 5 12.7
M 13 33 6 15.2
L 14.5 37 7 17.7
XL 15 38 7 17.7
2XL 17 43 7 17.7


This product is not currently available for purchase.
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