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enlarge Tatami Fightwear "Nova" Blue BJJ Gi

Tatami Fightwear "Nova" Blue BJJ Gi


  • 425gsm "hybrid tech" weave jacket (single piece construction)
  • Rubberized canvas collar
  • Triple-stitched seams
  • 8 oz. cotton twill pants
  • Reinforced knee padding
  • Rope drawstring
  • White belt included free

Tatami's new Nova BJJ Gi is light and comfortable without any flash or flair. Like the rest of Tatami's current line of Gis, the Nova has a rubberized collar, triple-stitched stress points, and double reinforced knee padding. This improved collar allows faster drying and keeps the natural shape of the Gi jacket preserved.

The fabrics used are what really separates this model from the rest of the Tatamis. Nova jackets are built from a unique Hybrid Tech Weave, which is noticeably comfy without feeling weak or stretchy when your opponent gets their grips. The pants are a breathable 8 oz cotton twill with a rope drawstring.

Includes a white belt.

Tatami Fightwear "Nova" Blue BJJ Gi

Tatami Fightwear "Nova" Blue BJJ Gi
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this gi sell with pant?
3/13/2014 1:43:25 PM
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Tatami Fightwear "Nova" Blue BJJ Gi Sizing Chart

Tatami Nova Gi Sizing Chart - Women's Sizes

F14'9" - 5'0"85-100 lbs
F25'0" - 5'4"100-120 lbs
F35'3" - 5'6"115-145 lbs
F45'6" - 5'8"140-170 lbs

Tatami Nova Gi Sizing Chart - Men's Sizes

Tatami Nova Gi Sizing Chart



Size: F1
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Size: F2
Ships Immediately - 12 On Hand 
Size: F4
Ships Immediately - 5 On Hand 
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