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enlarge Body Sim Grapple Dummy

Body Sim Grapple Dummy


  • Synthetic leather construction
  • Available in 70, 90 and 120 lb dummy weights
  • Stuffed and durable limbs
  • Perfect for strikes, throws, and grappling

Develop a complete fighting game with this body sim training dummy. The arms, legs, head,and body are specifically designed to aid in technique repetition. Practice striking, throwing, and grappling without fear of injuring training partners.

The dummy is constructed out of durable synthetic leather with high density foam padding. Each limb is designed to maintain it's shape and structure even during tough workouts.

Body Sim Grapple Dummy

Body Sim Grapple Dummy
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This product is excellant for judo throws,striking,and some grappling.The legs are not flexable at all but this item is allowing me to dish out some actual punishment that you cannot do with a live partner (throws and take downs)and it has held up fine! You will have to break it in alot and the70- 90 lbs is more than enough with it being dead weight. I am very satisfied with mine.
by: p.brian82   
6/4/2011 10:45:39 AM
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I bought this item for our 8 year old grandson. He recently began wrestling and it seemed like the perfect partner to aid in his practice. After practicing for two weeks he finally won his first match, followed by 1st place in the season finally.
by: anonymous
2/17/2011 8:12:13 AM
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Congratulations to him!
by: Aaron Rubin  
2/17/2011 2:06:06 PM
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Let us know what's in that head of yours


This product is not currently available for purchase.
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